X2 Lightfighter AR-X

AR-X LightFighter

  • Distinctive styling
  • Handguard seamlessly blended with the upper receiver
  • Upper and Lower Receivers 100% CNC from Billet Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Billets
  • No sharp edges
  • Grip and lower receiver precisely blended for unparalleled ergonomics and indexing
  • Controls protected from snagging on gear by unique industrial design

Ambidextrous Lower Receiver

The lower receiver places the controls where they can be operated without modifying the shooting grip, right or left-handed.

RapidQD Quick Detach Handguard

The RapidQD handguard attaches to the upper receiver to isolate the barrel and provide maximum rigidity. This mounting system minimizes the thermal contact points to reduce thermal transmission from barrel chamber heat and resulting thermal signature. The positive interface with the barrel provides enhanced longitudinal rigidity and anti-rotational rigidity.

Trident Barrel

The Trident barrel is a bench rest grade 416R stainless with UltraBlack Nitride finish. It is optimized for weight reduction, rigidity, cooling, and barrel harmonics for maximum sustained accuracy in a lightweight barrel.

It provides approximately 300% more surface cooling surface area than a standard AR barrel, pulling heat rapidly from the barrel’s core.

It is tested for consistent 1/4 to 1/2 MOA accuracy with 77gr SMK match-grade ammunition.

VF18 – Vent Forward Brake

The most advanced muzzle device on the market. The VF 18 stands out for its capacity in blast diversion, recoil reduction, flash suppression, and muzzle neutral compensation.

Worm Drive Adjustable Gas Block

The worm-drive adjustable gas block provides precise external gas adjustment for the AR-X. It uses a worm drive mechanism to move a rod, which has a series of four holes that change the gas port size rather than impinging gas flow. The worm drive mechanism turns in place, advancing the regulation rod.

It eliminates turbulence and fouling of typical impingement designs.

Regulating rods are user changeable, allowing for user customization.

JACKAL-X Ambi Charging Handle

Combat Derived – The JAKAL-X is made from 7075 Aerospace Aluminum with Type 3 hard anodize with Teflon. It is designed to significantly reduce the possibility of a malfunction due to an out-of-battery bolt due to snagging the charging handle on gear or objects. The JACKAL levers are designed for hard use and ensure smooth linear operation with no binding. It is highly resistant to bending and breaking.

PosiLoc Enhanced AR Stock System

Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!

Flared Magwell

Rapid mag changes.

Barrel Length:

    *Currently available only with Magpul Stock