About us

Our Principles

Here at QTR Industries, we operate our company on the principles of our faith. Not only do we want to conduct ourselves in this manner, but we are also convicted to do so. We seek transparency, let our yes be yes and our no be no. We also seek to serve our neighbors, “customers”, and do to them as we would ourselves, love your neighbor as yourself.


Our founders have decades of experience in the firearms industry, from retail to distribution to sales and customer service. The team they have built is composed of a tightly knit crew of experts. These include members who have served in Special Operations on sensitive assignments. Others have been very successful entrepreneurs in the small arms space and nationally leading sales and customer service trailblazers. Together, we bring an unparalleled combination of pioneering products and an exceptional experience.

When you work with us, you’re not just trusting anyone; you’re trusting a team composed of members that went to great lengths to keep this country secure to keep your customers satisfied.


We have carefully selected products using our team’s extensive exposure to using top-grade weapons in intense situations. Coming from varied backgrounds, both civilian and military veterans with special operations experience; our team has field-tested the lineup to ensure they stood up to their reputation.

 We understand the supply chain, and along the way, have built a network with the best producers to bring you top-shelf products that will fly out of your stores.



We understand the pain and suffering caused by the current situation. As we saw dealers and customers struggle to find the bare minimum products in these trying times; we knew we had to act. So we decided to do something about it.

It’s what drove us to source the best products made in the USA. Products you can rely on to be available, products your customers can rely on to protect them, products we all can be proud of for creating American jobs. And best of all, our products have built-in the best profits for our dealers, protecting your bottom line, the American Way.

Ready to Partner with us and level up? Let’s get to work.